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Boy Discovers Snail Living in His Knee

Boy finds a snail -- hidden inside his knee.

A family trip to the beach brought back an unexpected visitor for the Franklins of Aliso Viejo, Calif.—by way of its 4-year-old son Paul's right knee.

Paul was running along the beach on vacation when he fell and scraped his knee against a rock. Thinking nothing of it, his parents cleaned it up, slapped on a Band Aid, and sent him on his way. What they couldn't have known was that somewhere in between scraping his knee and putting on a bandage, a tiny snail had latched onto Paul's cut and set up house. (Yikes!) There it would stay for the next two weeks, until it grew swollen and infected.

When doctors told the Franklins it might be a staph infection, they put little Paul on antibiotics. But seeing that the meds weren't doing anything, Paul's mom Rachael took matters into her own hands.

Squeezing at the infected area with her own two fingers, Rachael saw something small and dark resting beneath the skin's surface. Was it a rock? She thought. Nope. It was a snail. A tiny, unassuming little sea creature who had apparently traveled with the Franklins all the way back to their California home.

The family guesses that it was really snail egg and not a live snail that originally attached itself to Paul. And as it grew, so did his swollen knee. Ouch. Poor kid.

With his knee all back to normal, little Paul's taking the whole thing in stride. "I thought it was kind of crazy," he told ABC News. But that's pretty much all the little guy had to say on the matter. Sadly, the snail died a day after his exit from Paul's knee —but not before Paul gave him a pretty cool name to honor him: Turbo.

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