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Momma Elephant Finally Names Her Calf

When it comes to baby animal news, can you ever really get enough? (Honestly, if we got to watch a video of a baby kitten playing or a puppy taking its first steps, every day, we'd be pretty content.) Well, if you're at all like us, you'll want to give this baby elephant a few moments of your time.

Born almost a month ago now (July 29), Mavi, meaning "voices," was finally given a name, the old-fashioned way—her mom chose one. At Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, Majteka, an African elephant, had the choice between two names—they were presented in the form of stacks of hay with food on the top. Mom chose Mavi over Mngani, which means "friends" in African Swati.

Majteka was part of a herd of elephants rescued from Swaziland nearly a decade ago. It's believed that she's around 22 years old. Want to see more of this adorable calf? Check out a video here.

What do you think about mom's choice? With those ears, we're pretty sure voices was a good pick!

Photo credit: Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

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