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Mom Punches Skater After Kid Collision

This mom took the word "protective" to a whole new level after a skateboarder accidentally ran into her son at a skate park. The viral video (it has 1.1 million views) shows the boarder doing tricks; out of nowhere, a small child basically runs right into his path. Without any chance to stop or swerve, he plows the child down. And then come the tears.

A woman immediately rushes to and cradles the child, all while the skateboarder expresses remorse and makes sure that he's OK. So, it seems logical to assume that the first person to the scene is mom, right? Wrong. No, momma bear moseys on over a few seconds later (from somewhere in the park that's out of the frame) and starts yelling: "You run into my son ... on his birthday?!" It doesn't take her long to get physical, first shoving the skater, and then full-on punching him in the face. Honestly, it looks like mom has a pretty good right hook.

So, who's right here? Is it mom, who left her son unattended at a skate park? Or is it the skater, who was skateboarding ... in a skate park ... where he's supposed to be. Many of the 6,567 comments side with the skateboarder, saying that the mom should be charged for assault.

While we can understand her getting upset, she's sending mixed signals—she didn't rush over to her child, she left him alone, and, a big no-no, she immediately resorted to violence. We're pretty sure this could've been solved without physical force.

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