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Gun Goes Off in Child's Backpack

Photograph by Getty Images/Image Source

If a gun goes off accidentally in a backpack at school, does anyone get punished? Well, we think so. Kindergarten students at Westside Elementary School got quite a scare this morning, when a gun went off in the Memphis, Tenn. school cafeteria.

Thankfully, no one was harmed. Officials from the Shelby County Board of Education say that the 5-year-old student brought the gun to school, but they also stated that "there was no evidence [...] of harmful intent." He was questioned into the afternoon with his mother present. Tennessee's school system has a zero-tolerance policy and calls for "certain, swift and reasoned punishment" for students who bring either drugs or weapons onto the campus. If the child is found guilty of violating the policy, he could face a long suspension.

Is it just us or does it seem like this happens all too often? Do you think cases like this go unnoticed more than they go reported? How do you think the student got ahold of the gun in the first place? Should the parents take partial—if not full—responsibility?

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