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Kristen Bell Is Back With Another Instagram Parenting Tip

Photograph by Twenty20

Kristen Bell has been on a roll with sharing her mom hacks on Instagram, and the most recent one is too good not to share!

Any mom with toddlers knows the struggle of unloading the car with kids who can walk or run on their own. And if you've ever experienced a heart-stopping moment where your child's life was actually in danger in a parking lot or even in your own driveway, then you know all too well the adrenaline rush when you think your baby is about to be hurt.

Their newfound ability to bolt can be amusing to them, but a constant battle to keep them safe for us. Have you ever argued with a toddler? Then you know they don't like to take orders. But making basic safety seem like something they want to do, and they're all ears.

Bell recently revealed on Instagram that her sister-in-law came up with a fun and easy way to keep the kids safe until you’re ready to take their hands and go inside or navigate a parking lot. “Hands on the circle” is the game you need to teach your little ones to make safety a less scary affair.


"hands on the circle!" The phrase we say as we jump out of the car. "Hands on the circle" (the circle is the gas cap)was invented by my brilliant sister in law, and has thus far kept all kiddos safe from any oncoming traffic while I unload the trunk. #momlife #momhacks #mom

Here's how to "play" the game: As soon as everyone is out of the car, mom says, "Hands on the circle!" The kids stand next to the car with their hands on the fuel door (aka where you put the gas in) until mom is done unloading the trunk (or other siblings). The point is to get the kids to see who can keep their hand on the cap until mom is ready to move. When mom's done, she can take their hands to walk together safely, so there won't be any accidents.

SO SMART. We're totally trying this!

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