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Mom’s Bottle Storage Hack Is Genius But Facebook Has Opinions

Photograph by Twenty20

Moms often share advice about things that make their lives easier in order to help lessen the load for other mothers. It’s a kindness we do for each other because every little thing helps. Where would we be as mamas if nobody ever told us tips and tricks to make life a little easier?

With that mentality, Texas mom Brooke McDaniel went on Facebook and shared how she created the best DIY baby bottle holder for only $12 by repurposing a shower caddy. She’d already shared her brilliant hack in a mommy group, but decided she should share it with all new moms on her page as well.

McDaniel's post privacy was set so that anyone online could see it, as opposed to just her friends, and it went viral with more than 1.2K shares and counting.

All those shares make sense because it's exactly the kind of thing that new moms want to share with other new moms. Think about it: The bottle holder hack is simple, solves a problem, is easy to re-create and is cheap AF. What's there not to like?

See for yourself:

Photograph by Facebook

The comments on the post are full of praise with words like "genius," "brilliant" and "amazing." You would think that's where this story ends ... but NO!

McDaniel actually felt that she had to go back and edit the post to respond to all the negative feedback she got. What? How could anyone find fault with something so utterly innocuous? Well, you know how it is, nitpickers like to nitpick and that's exactly what they did.

Some felt that McDaniel has too many baby bottles because apparently there is a rule about how many bottles you can have.

Then there were those who took offense at the exposed bottle nipples in the picture because dust and germs are EVERYWHERE!

Unfazed, McDaniel explains—and not that she needs to, just for the record—why she has so many bottles: "I have two children on bottles and not enough time to wash them 6 times a day."

As for the exposed nipples, she points out that the only thing those nipples are coming into contact with while stored is the very same air that the family is already breathing. If you aren't comfortable with "exposed nipples in your own home you should really be more concerned with your cleaning habits." Mic drop!

Honestly, people of Facebook, can a mother get a break now and then? Keep your petty judgements to yourself and let a mother be. She just might teach you something to make YOUR life easier!

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