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Students Build World's Largest Lego Tower

Delaware students build world's largest LEGO tower

We built some pretty serious Lego constructions back in our day. Mini castles, makeshift Barbie houses ... but an 11-story tower? Now that one stands in a league of its own.

The Lego-made skyscraper isn't standing in someone's backyard or out in a cornfield somewhere. At nearly 113 feet tall, it stands proudly in the parking lot of John Dickinson School in Delaware. The colorful monstrosity, which beams with bright colors of reds, blues, greens, and more, was painstakingly built by students from the Red Clay School District. And it was no small feat—they used a whopping 500,000 Lego bricks to piece it together. Its weight? Oh, just a few tons. NBD.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this Lego tower is officially the world's tallest, beating out a previous record-holder that was built in Prague last year. (That only stood a measly 106 feet tall.)

So how'd they do it? Students from all 28 schools in the district came together to work on it in sections, which is how it got its eclectic, multi-patterned style. Then, with helps from local contractors who had volunteered, a metal cylinder was erected and tension cable were put into place to keep it from tipping over. The pieces were then set into place around the metal cylinder and voila—the rest is now history.

No word yet on who exactly dreamed up the idea, or how they got so many high schoolers—who'd probably rather be making out in the back of a car somewhere after school than building a Lego tower—to take part in the event, which took days. But as the school's superintendent, Mervin Daugherty, told Time, the signal they want to send kids about this is clear.

“We want kids to get a message out of this," he said. "One kid could never put this together. But when we all work together, when we’re all a team, we can do something that people probably thought would be impossible.”

Image via DesignBoom

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