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Mom Gives Birth at Daughter's Elementary School

South Florida woman gives birth to baby at daughter's elementary school

Ah, the school nurse's office. Our memories spent inside it pretty much revolve around the fallout from one too many spins on the tire swing or that day we boldly dared to try the rotini pasta with the mysterious meat sauce.

Those four walls saw endless cycles of pants-wetting, post-lunch puke, chicken pox outbreaks and more. But we're willing to bet that never, in all those years, did they ever bear witness to a baby being born.

The same cannot be said for the school nurse's office at Fairway Elementary School in Miramar, Fla.

Feeling some contractions coming on last Thursday, mom-to-be Maria Colin hopped in the car to drive herself to the hospital. But first? She swung by her daughter's school to pick her up, since Colin's husband was away on business. Waiting in the parking lot for her 7-year-old to come out, though, the contractions only got worse. That's when Colin ran inside, and school personnel ushered her to the nurse's office just in time for her water to break. One push later, and out popped 4-pound Maybelle Colin Sainvilus.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the speedy delivery went off without a hitch, all thanks to school resource officer Natasha Richardson, who came to Colin's aid and called upon some previous (albeit brief) training to deliver the baby.

"This is the most blessed and exciting thing I've ever done," said Richardson. "My mommy instincts just kicked in."

This incredible birth story is just the latest in a growing list of "She gave birth WHERE?" delivery tales we've heard this year. And oddly enough, some of the craziest ones have also taken place in Florida. Just last week, we told you about a mom-to-be whose labor came on so fast and furious, she couldn't even make it past the hospital lobby. And let's not forget the mom who gave birth on the sidewalk outside the hospital. (What's going on over there, Florida?)

Image via The Stir

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