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Dad, Daughter Both Born in Parking Lots, 33 Years Apart

Dad, daughter born in car on practically the same day — 33 years apart

Having one crazy born-in-a-parking-lot birth story in your family should probably be enough. After all, think of all the dinner table fodder that could provide. (We're talking years worth of material there!) But imagine having two.

For 33 years, the Pavliks of Illinois had one such crazy tale to tell after their son, Frank Pavlik, was born in the backseat of the family's station wagon. Long story short, back in 1980, Frank's mom his couldn't quite make it to the hospital to have him; so he made his grand entrance in the parking lot of the Louis Joliet Mall—with the whole family right there watching.

Pretty crazy, right? Just wait, there's more.

Cut to Sunday, August 18—almost exactly 33 years later, to the day. Not only did Frank's third child, Hannah, decide to come on the eve of her father's birthday, but she also decided to make an epic parking lot entrance of her own. This time, it was a BP gas station parking lot that welcomed the new little Pavlik into the world, but the similarities between the two birth stories could not go unnoticed.

"She pulled her father's move and did the same thing," Pavlik told ABC News of Hannah's arrival. "What's the chance of this happening, let alone in the same family? It's pretty amazing."

Frank's wife, Erica, was actually being rushed to the hospital by her mother when her water broke in the car. "I got a call [at work] from both my wife and my mother-in-law basically saying that if you want to see your child born you better come now," Pavlik said.

Though he missed her birth—amazingly, Hannah was delivered by her grandma, with no assistance from paramedics—Frank made it in time to see some of his baby's first moments. (And also to marvel at their parallel birth stories.) The family was then whisked away by ambulance to the hospital in which Hannah was supposed to be born. There, doctors proclaimed her a healthy 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and 20 inches long.

Now back at home, the family seems pretty tickled by how the whole thing went down. "Everybody is doing great," Pavlik said. "We're very blessed that everything worked out OK, because a lot could go wrong. We're very blessed."

Image via Yahoo! News

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