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Trend: Pregnancy Time-Lapse Videos

Boy, are moms inventive these days. When it comes to documenting a pregnancy, we think of the simple things—journals, photos ... you know, the ways that don't require a lot of activity or hassle. So we were pretty impressed when we saw this video that cinematographer Jesse Beecher and his wife, Lyra, made during their pregnancy.

The 1-minute, 25-second video makes the nine-month journey of pregnancy look like, well, a walk in the park. We follow along as Lyra goes from wearing her snow boots to donning flip-flops, trekking across seven states (Oregon and Maine, included). Of course, at the end we're rewarded with the sight of their beautiful baby girl, Elsa Madeline. Watch below and tell us, would you be dedicated enough to do this during pregnancy?

Photo credit: Jesse Beecher

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