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Dad to Other Husbands: This Kind of Thing Hurts Your Wife

Photograph by Twenty20

Communication is key in any relationship. So things don't really go so well if only one person in a marriage is doing all the talking—or, you know, all the tagging on Facebook.

That's what Brad Kearns figured out, after getting tagged nearly every day by his wife in funny memes or intellectual rants or just interesting news. Kearn got the alerts but never clicked over. He also didn't ignore them—he kind of let them irritate him. It was as if, he wrote in his June 6 Facebook post, his wife was all over "the internet just looking for random shit to let me know is out there. ... I didn't really know why half of it was relevant."

Then, an awakening.

"But over time I've learned that she tags me in shit because it's either funny, insightful or relevant to us and our relationship. Sometimes it helps her tell me something because it's so relevant and she couldn't have said it better herself. I try to make a point of acknowledging it. It doesn't take any effort at all."

He's kind of a changed husband.

He's even learned to sort of like getting tagged. It makes him feel like he knows what she's up to.

And so he's got some advice for other men who avoid their wives' stupid shit online. Click on it. Look at the meme. Read the fucking post.

If you were at the park and she said "hey look at that," would you ignore it? Would you make a snide remark about how much effort it will take you to see it?

He knows you wouldn't. The world of Facebook should be no different. His simple advice? A very social media demand: #readthefuckingpost

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