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WATCH: Toddler Hilariously Mispronounces 'Bow and Arrow'

3-year-old accidentally says "boner", winds up on YouTube

This week in kids say the darndest things ... a toddler has his parents (and all of YouTube) in stitches after he awkwardly botches the words "bow and arrow." And trust us, it's pretty great.

Totally psyched to be getting a pint-size bow-and-arrow toy at the store, ShayCarl's 3-year-old gleefully proclaims his excitement on the car ride home. "I got a BOW AND ARROW!" he yells out. Except "bow and arrow" doesn't exactly come out as it should. Instead, it sounds a whole lot like "boner." And while a toddler screaming "I got a BONER!" is pretty much one of the most inappropriate things ever, it's also one of the most hilarious.

That fact is definitely not lost on ShayCarl and his wife, who film the entire episode on his phone while cracking up (and driving?). The jury's out on whether their other two kids in the backseat have any idea what mom and dad are laughing about, but we're pretty sure once ShayCarl's kid grows up and realizes he's a YouTube star, his parents will have some major explaining to do...

This archery-loving tot isn't the first kid to wind up on YouTube after making a hilarious mispronunciation. And he definitely won't be the last. There was the time this kid was merely trying to tell his dad his dad that he was vacuuming ... but wound up telling him "F*CK YOU!". And who could forget this poor kid's attempt at saying "fire truck" that came out sounding much more like "fire f*ck".

Image via YouTube

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