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Georgia Woman Delivers Her Own Baby

File this one under "Amazing Human Feats." While giving birth is a labor on its own, delivering a baby requires training and a lot of expertise. In other words, it's not easy. Now, set the scene: Instead of an operating room, you're in a car that's speeding down a highway, and instead of doctors you've got ... well, just your husband—and he's driving. All in all, things are not looking good for your delivery. But, according to Katrena Leonard of Gwinett County in Georgia, delivering her baby in the passenger seat of a car was no big deal.

Just over a week ago, Leonard delivered her beautiful baby girl, Kylie Rose Marie Leonard, while husband, Terrance, was rushing them to a nearby hospital. According to, "Leonard said she caught Kylie in the bottom of her dress." All we can say to that is, boy is she a lucky woman! If only child labor were that quick and painless for everyone. Even harder to believe? When the couple arrived at the hospital just minutes later, the staff were in disbelief that Leonard had just given birth! (Can you imagine that conversation? "No, I swear, doctor, I really did just have this baby!")

Thankfully, Kylie was a perfectly healthy newborn ... just with an extraordinary entry into the world. Congratulations to the new family!

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