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3-Year-Old Surfs Like a Pro

If you're looking for a pick-me-up this morning, boy have we got one for you! Triston Gailey is just 3 years old and he already has perfect form on a surfboard.

Gailey started boogie boarding when he was just 2, but when his surf aficionado dad, Todd, noticed that he was standing up on the board, he took his son's training to the next level. Watch the video below for some feel-good vibes. Our favorite parts? When he's a little wobbly trying to look cool and balance the board on his head, and his perfect surfer poses as he rides countless waves to shore! It's also adorable to see how proud Gailey's dad is of him, cheering, giving thumbs up and even throwing a shaka in there a few times.

Image via YouTube

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