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Strong Baby Campaign Packs a Punch

It's not every day (or, well, ever) that you see a baby do a one-handed push-up. Heck, we can't even do one!

But the City of Milwaukee Health Department has launched a health campaign that puts strong, albeit photoshopped, babies front and center doing just that. The health initiative titled "I Want a Strong Baby" shows little ones flexing their muscles, doing push-ups, karate kicks and more. Among the things they're promoting? Breast-feeding, immunizations, prenatal care, healthy eating and more.

Ultimately, the initiative aims to inform and educate the community about how to bring a healthy baby to full term and how the steps mentioned can help benefit a child later in life. Each bit of information that the initiative is promoting points directly to a page on Milwaukee's health site for more information. Check all the photos and animations out on the site.

Image via Eric Sahrmann/Alter

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