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The Royal Couple Hires Will's Old Nanny

Many of us start out with high hopes of raising our new baby without any hired help. Perhaps it's pride, but often times, we can't help but give up and succumb: we could all use a helping hand. After all, the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" didn't come from nowhere; it truly does take countless people, from our parents to spouses, teachers ... and the list goes on. So we're not surprised that new parents, Will and Kate, have decided to go back on their previous statements of going it solo. Just goes to show, no matter how royal they are, they're still not superhuman.

But the couple isn't choosing just any old nanny to take care of their 7-week-old son, Prince George. No, they're turning to someone they know can do the job. Naturally, Will has called on his childhood caretaker, Miss Jessie Webb, now 71.

Though she was retired, when Will asked that she come to help out, she was reportedly "delighted and flattered." And why shouldn't she be? What an honor to get to help raise yet another king-to-be! We're looking forward to seeing how Miss Webb and little Georgie bond. It will be interesting to see if they form the same bond that Will and her clearly had.

While she was eventually let go amid the drama between Diana and Charles, Will and Webb kept in touch and she was an honored guest at multiple events as he grew up, including his wedding to Kate two years ago.

Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

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