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Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel Worst Things Mom's Ever Said

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids the Worst Things Mom's Ever Said

After a recent study found that women are far more likely to yell, swear and generally act crazy behind the wheel of a car than men, late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to conduct a little experiment of sorts...

Reasoning that kids pretty much hear everything mom says (whether we like it or not), his team took to Hollywood Boulevard to ask them "What's the worst thing mom's ever said?" Naturally, their answers were pretty hilarious.

The clip, which aired September 12, starts off pretty tame—with numerous iterations of "stupid" and "no!"—but it's only a matter of time before the kids start to unleash a slew of F-bombs. Our favorites? The twin girls who start an endless cavalcade of "NO!", the British kid (just because), and the boy with the American flag T-shirt who thinks long and hard about his mom's tirades ("Let's see...") before he throws down a "Are you f-cking serious?" followed up by a simple "crud."

At this point, Kimmel is a pro at creating hilarious kid-related skits. Who could forget when he had parents pretend to eat all of their kids' Halloween candy—and made us laugh so hard we cried—or had their kids unwrap epically lame gifts for Christmas. We can only hope Kimmel follows up this latest one with a skit asking kids the worst thing dad has ever said...

Which choice words or phrases do you think your kids would say if they were asked the same question?

Image via YouTube

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