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Baby DJ School: New Trend?

Baby DJ classes open in Brooklyn neighborhood
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Forget Mommy & Me. The cool kids have a new place to hang once a week: DJ class. There, they spin, mix, drop some pretty sick beats ... and try their best not to drool all over the turntables.

All kidding aside, though, DJ school is a very new, but very real thing. At least, it is if you live in Brooklyn. (Because, of course that's where a baby DJ class would open.)

According to the New York Post, Brooklyn DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss is teaching an eight-week DJ class for kids 3-and-under starting September 18—and it'll only cost them a cool $200. So if you're an N.Y.C.-area parent longing to transform your kid into a certifiable hipster baby, just drop her off at Cool Pony, a thrift store and performance space. She'll learn the basics of mixing electronica in no time!

Now, if you're thinking this is just some passing fad that just sort of sounds cool, Weiss swears it's about much more than that. The mini DJs will learn how to mix and match tracks by turning knobs and pushing buttons on a MIDI trigger, which is connected to a laptop. Considering their brain development is at its prime, Weiss hopes to harness some of that growth and teach a love of music at an early age, in a whole new way.

“The difference between listening to Mozart and listening to electronic music is that you can’t pick up a cello when you’re 3 months old, but you can push play,” said Weiss.

One mom, who's enrolled her 2-year-old son in the course, told the Post: “It’s a wonderful tool for children to use because it doesn’t require fine motor skill, as opposed to playing the flute. He can’t really draw a perfect circle, but he can mix some slicing beats together.”

Would you enroll your kid in a program like this one if it was offered in your area?

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