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World's Coolest Dad Creates Tooth Fairy Machine

Dad creates transport system for tooth fairy

If you really think about it, the Tooth Fairy has a pretty raw deal. I mean, all those teeth she has to pick up, every night? Scooting underneath pillows with impeccable stealth, making sure not to wake each sleeping kid? And then of course there's the matter of doling out cash rewards for each tooth—at least Santa has about a million elves to give him a hand.

But that's precisely why Jeff Highsmith, a well-meaning dad of two, created the "Pneumatic Tooth Transport System" in the first place—to help the poor lady out. As the Huffington Post tipped us off, Highsmith constructed the system in his own house back in June, to work much like the collection device you see at the bank drive-through. Kids can simply place their tooth inside, go to sleep, and voilà—that baby tooth of theirs will be gone by the morning, replaced by some hard-earned greenbacks.

In other words, after centuries of busily flying from house to house to collect the baby teeth of sleeping kids, the Tooth Fairy can finally take a load off and work from home—free to veg out on her couch and catch up on Breaking Bad if she so chooses. He even added in the same feature for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny if they want to take advantage.

Want to see the transport system in action? Because Highsmith just so happens to be a MAKE magazine video blogger, he put together this super cool video to show us just how.

Image via MAKE

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