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Single Mom's TMI Minivan Decal Goes Viral

Family car decal of dad in jail goes viral

When it comes to the whole family car decal craze, opinions seem to be more or less split down the middle: You either love 'em or you hate 'em. In terms of "taste" level, they pretty much run the gamut. There are the run-of-the-mill, non-lame ones—your usual scene of a nuclear family, posing with the adorable family cat. And then there are the totally hilarious ones that make us giggle (like this entire family of Star Wars characters).

But every now and then there are the family decals that are just kind of ... not necessary. Like, say the "Daddy's in jail and mommy's stuck at home with five kids and a dog" decal, for instance. Yep, we didn't know one like that existed, either, but the Internet brought it to our attention yesterday, and we haven't found a way yet to unsee it. (Thanks, imgur.)

Hey, mom—maybe you don't want to broadcast that kind of news on the back of your minivan? We're not sure what kind of Jerry Springer episode is going on at home, but we're pretty sure the world doesn't need to hear about it. And we can't imagine it's good for the kids to make light of a little thing called jail. (Just us?)

What do you think of the decal? Funny or uncomfortable?

Image via imgur

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