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Alternative to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Flourishes in CA

Times are changing quickly. Our kids are growing up with technology we couldn't even dream of when we were children, technology which had become available just a few years ago. Suddenly, the skills learned in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts just don't seem as applicable to our current world, which favors tech and design savvy over wilderness and sewing skills learned in the traditional Scouts programs. So one community in Oakland, Calif,. came up with a new Scouts organization that helps with those skills and more...

It's called Hacker Scouts. According to the program's Kickstarter, "Hacker Scouts is a national nonprofit dedicated to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Education and skill building. We are a grassroots, volunteer organization that support groups all over the U.S. in making as well as publishing open source programs and activities online."

In the video attached to the Kickstarter, kids are seen soldering electronics (!) and pursuing their own interests with help from the volunteers of the organization.

But since the Hacker Scouts is a grassroots organization, there isn't a lot of funding, so they've put up the aforementioned Kickstarter in the hope of expanding the space to accommodate bigger groups of kids and fully develop a program that could potentially expand to your own neighborhood.

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