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Pregnant Woman Catches Heat for Exercise Routine

Pregnant women are almost always encouraged to exercise while carrying, but has 35-year-old mom Lea-Ann Ellison taken that advice a baby step too far?

Ellison, who lives in Los Angeles and is pregnant with baby No. 3, is a regular at her gym's CrossFit class—a regimen that includes rigorous weight training, aerobics and gymnastics—and recently emailed CrossFit photos of herself to show how well the workout was going, according to Yahoo.

When CrossFit then posted the images on Facebook, things got ugly.

"This is why CrossFit is horrible," wrote Facebook user Evan Kennedy, a physical therapist, according to Yahoo. "No one knows what they're doing. This is a good way to lose your baby."

"This woman is a disgrace. Pregnancy is a time to take care of your body and be gentle, not test it to the limits," wrote Facebook user Ava Szlamas, according to Metro, a Web site in the United Kingdom.

Ellison, however, was surprised by the negative response.

"I was really shocked by the reaction to my photos since I've always exercised during my two previous pregnancies and doctors have assured me that my routine is safe for both myself and my child," Ellison, whose kids are 8 and 12, told Yahoo.

After all, she told Metro, "I loved being a mom, but I wanted to be a HOT mom."

Her supporters online also found the reaction puzzling.

“I’m six months pregnant with triplets and am still Crossfitting as much as I can,” wrote Carol Metzger Bolliger on Facebook, according to Yahoo.

"I think we should all be more concerned about a mom who eats McDonald’s every day of her pregnancy," another Facebook user, Charles Bailey, wrote, according to Metro.

As long as she's being monitored by her doctor and resting when she's tired, Dr. Steve Goldstein, professor of urology and gynecology at New York University, told Yahoo., he doesn't see the harm.

That said, he continues, "The body goes through so many physiological changes during pregnancy, which can alter balance and center of gravity, so it's important to pay attention to your body."

"Also, it's not wise for women to take up an unfamiliar exercise routine," he adds. "Pregnancy is a brand-new sport."

Photo via Facebook

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