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Pop-up Libraries for Library-Less High Schoolers

Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

The national sequester began awhile ago, but the effects of belt-tightening are still being felt across the country. Specifically, public schools continue to hurt because of the loss of money in their budgets, causing some schools to determine that things like school libraries are unnecessary. One South Philadelphia nonprofit, called Mighty Writers, couldn't believe it, and has created pop-up libraries for those schools with resources you might not expect.

“We decided to create a book drive where we ask people to bring us their books and we would distribute them to the kids in pop-up libraries all around the city,” says Mighty Writers executive director Tim Whitaker, according to CBS Philly.

And with this call to action, neighbors in South Philadelphia have responded in kind, providing enough books to fuel the organization's pop-up library system. “We create shelves right on the street at our location, so the kids come after school, pick up books as they go, and create a library at home,” says Whitaker.

One South Philadelphia school principal, Marjorie Neff, is grateful for the nonprofit's efforts, but notes that the only long-term and effective plan is to get funding back into schools for their own libraries; parents should call their elected officials to find out how.

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