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Family's Shocking Beach Blooper Goes Viral

Family beach photo goes horribly awry

If you're finding it pretty hard to look at the snapshot above without wincing, you're not alone. At first glance, we gasped, too. One look at that baby headed straight down into the sand and the heart stops.

But before you read on, calm yourself with this fact: both kids pictured weren't hurt during the photo shoot which, clearly, went epically awry.

Here's the story: The photo, which was uploaded to Reddit on September 22 and has taken in over 1,200 comments to date, was posted by the dad pictured. After a family reunion in California, he and his wife thought it would be fun to sneak in some photos of their tiny clan on the beach. But as any parent knows, getting a baby and a 4-year-old to stand still, pose, or do anything other than act insane after a long day is pretty much impossible; and dad admits things were "going south quickly."

You can picture it: Kids are crying, mom and dad are starting to panic ... and it's all being captured on camera. And then someone, somewhere, suggests they do a candid. One of those "swinging the kids" photos. Now, we're pretty sure this only works when Mom has one hand of the kid and Dad has the other, so we're still not entirely clear how this went down; but as Dad tells it, they wound up for one final shot when something caught the corner of his eye: his son flying through the air.

"The baby is at a weird angle and my wife is yelling 'GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' instead of the usual 'Wheeeeeee!' So I know something's about to go down," he wrote on Reddit. "I watch my son gracefully do a full backwards layout and land flat on his back in the sand. He's stunned for a moment, cries for a minute, but after about 2 minutes of sniffling he's back to his regular self, smiling and laughing." (Phew!)

With over 2 million views in just five short days, the photo has earned a slew of comments that range from the shocked to the amused—and of course, it's sparked a ton of "did your mom drop you on your head as a baby?" jokes in the process.

As for dad? He can definitely see the hilarity in it all, but admits the image still slightly shocks him. "My palms still get a little sweaty whenever I look at that picture," he wrote.

We don't blame him.

Image via imgur

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