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WATCH: You'll Get a Kick out of 'Bat Dad'

"BatDad" video goes viral on YouTube

Meet BatDad. When he's not out fighting crime, he's driving a Honda Odyssey (because, duh, it gets better gas mileage) and teaching his kids the importance of everyday life lessons. Like brushing your gums to avoid gingivitis, being on time for the school bus, and eating your cereal with a spoon, not your hands. And when his toddler successfully makes a "poop in the potty"? Why, BatDad rewards him with a "potty pop," of course. (All while donning a Batman mask and using a super gravelly voice.)

Yep, it's all pretty hilarious. Though we can't help but wonder what onlookers were thinking as he ran down the street with his kids chasing after him, or filmed himself in his car, talking uber-seriously and wearing a Batman mask. We're guessing he's a pretty entertaining neighbor.

Watch and enjoy:

The nearly three-minute video is actually a compilation of seven-second Vines, which are shared regularly by @BatDadVine, if you want more where that came from.

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