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Rowdy Family Gets Thrown out of Applebee's

Texas family kicked out of Applebees for rowdy kids

Every parent's been there. All you want is a nice quiet dinner out with the family ... but your kids have other plans in mind. And it's usually pretty embarrassing. Sometimes you get away with a little light bickering; other times they're kicking each other under the table. But the last thing most parents expect is for their family outing to be met with a visit from the cops.

Unfortunately, the Gau family members of Gaty, Texas found themselves in that exact predicament September 15, when their overactive sons apparently ticked off the management in the local Applebee's. You might assume the Gau's kids were acting pretty insane to warrant a call to the cops. (Plates being thrown, some kind of violent outburst that had to be contained ... that sort of thing.) But no. According to reports, the kids—who are admittedly not angels, according to their parents, but you know, are kids—were merely being a bit too loud. Bear in mind, these kids are 3- and 1-year-old boys. Rambunctious behavior is pretty much par for the course, right? Apparently, some don't see it that way.

At one point, dad Eli Gau moved away from the table to grab his older son, who had wandered away. That's when he found himself face to face with the manager, who was none too pleased. After telling Gau that his family would need to leave immediately, the manager called the cops. (Jeez, a simple "could you please tone it down?" wouldn't do?) But just wait ... once outside, the Gau's were met by a sheriff who gave them a warrant—for criminal trespassing!

"I feel very sad," Gau told CBS local news about the whole ordeal (which was obviously embarrassing). He added that while Applebee's did reach out to apologize and even offered the family free dinner passes, they will not be partaking. (Um, yeah, we don't blame them.)

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