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Dad Delivers Son in Dramatic Home Birth—for the Second Time

British dad delivers son at home—for the second time.

It was crazy enough when little Elvis Fenner decided to surprise his parents two years ago and come five days ahead of schedule—forcing his dad to deliver him on the living room floor.

But hey, apparently this stuff runs in the family, because just two years later, his little brother Felix decided to make his entrance in exactly the same fashion. (Let's just say dad is officially a pro at this point.)

Now, parents Phillipa and Andrew Fenner of Northumbria, England, were planning home births in both cases; it's just that they expected a midwife to be the one delivering both their boys. And they expected a little more time to prep for things before each boy came. But it looks like both their boys are into surprises.

Still, the parents do have a sense of humor about it all...

"The whole thing was complete comedy," mom Philippa told the UK's Daily Mail.

"This time I woke up at 6 a.m. as normal and the contractions started, there may have been a few twinges in my sleep but not enough to wake me," she said.

At that point, the contractions were each four minutes apart. And while the soon-to-be mom of two realized she'd be giving birth soonish, she thought she at least had a few hours. So she and her husband started to ready themselves. They made arrangements for their son Elvis to stay with friends, they got things in order ... but it seems they just weren't quick enough for Felix, either.

Within 30 minutes, baby No. 2 had arrived; just 90 minutes after his mom woke up.

"I remember shouting to my husband, 'It's happening again, the baby is coming,'" Phillipa said. But the rest? She admits it was pretty much a blur.

Tiny Felix, in case you were wondering, came out happy and healthy, weighing in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces. He also came a whole five days early—just like his big brother.

Image via the Daily Mail

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