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WATCH: 'Convos With My 2-Year-Old' Returns! (And Turns 3)

"Convos With My 3-Year-Old" returns

Season 1 of Convos With My 2-Year-Old ended in grand form back in July, with a pretty stellar finale.

But oh, how we missed thee…

Luckily, though, the wait for its return wasn't too long. The first episode of Season 2 hit YouTube today (with a new, updated title, now that Coco's officially 3). And it turns out, 3-year-old Coco is just as hilarious as 2-year-old Coco.

This time, writer/director/hilarious dad star David Milchard and his fam are gathered around the table for a nice spaghetti dinner. Except, as most parents know, setting out to have a "nice" spaghetti dinner with a toddler in attendance is ... well, a laughably implausible undertaking.

No, there isn't any throwing of spaghetti against the walls or temper tantrums made by Coco; but she clearly finds the task of actually eating her spaghetti to be kind of a drag. Especially because her bowl is mysteriously stuck to the table. (Ugh, what's up with that!?). And also because, let's be honest, this dinner could all be a lot more fun if everyone was watching and/or discussing FernGully: The Last Rain Forest...

If you haven't had the pleasure yet to be acquainted with the Web series, it features hilarious scenes of a dad's conversations with his toddler, as reenacted by himself and real-life grown-up, Matthew Clarke. Do yourself a favor and catch up right here.

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