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WATCH: Faithful Lab Bonds with Boy with Down Syndrome

Dog befriends boy with Down Syndrome

Get ready, 'cause this is probably the most adorable thing you're going to see all week.

Though we're just discovering it now, a mom from Buenos Aires posted the video below to YouTube last year of her two-year-old son Hernán and the family pup. Hernán spends much of the four minute clip begrudgingly hanging out with Himalaya, a young lab who just wants to play and basically won't take no for an answer. ...And it's THE BEST.

Young Hernán has Down Syndrome, which Ana points out in the YouTube comments means he often shies away from physical contact. Thing is, Himalaya is real big on physical contact–head butts, nose rubs... he's all about 'em. Even when little Hernán scoots away as if to say "Okay, I think we're done here," Himalaya comes back for more, inching closer him, putting his paw gently on his shoulder, cuddling up for a hug... Sigh. So sweet.

Watch and enjoy.

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