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Mom Parodies the 'I Quit' Video ... and It's Awesome

Mom responds to viral 'I Quit' video

Oh, the beauty of a fabulous quitting fantasy ... we all have them. Storming out of the office in a blaze of glory; leaving behind some sort of distasteful parting gift on your boss's desk ... these are the places the mind usually wanders. But this week, writer Marina Shefrin's "I Quit" video showed us all a thing or two about how to "peace out" of a job in an epic, yet subtle fashion—and make the Internet fall in love with you in the process. (Hint: Do it with subtitles, while shaking it to Kanye West.)

Shefrin's video was only uploaded this Saturday, yet it's already racked up a ton of views and inspired some pretty hilarious response videos. Our favorite one so far? A parody by mommy blogger Brenna Jennings, who works from home while writing for Suburban Snapshots and the Huffington Post.

As she wrote in the YouTube video comments, she's pretty much got the same message (with far less moves) as Shefrin. But she's not rebelling against a tyrant boss who's only concerned with page views. No, this mom's had it up to here with her trashed house. She does dishes while she works, has to face the "hell hole" that is her daughter's room on a daily basis ... and that bathroom? It's basically a petri dish.

So Jennings is saying "sayonara" to this whole WAHM thing. (Well, kinda.) Watch:

Pretty great, right?

In an email to the Huffington Post on Monday, Jennings wrote, "When I saw Marina's video the first thing I thought was that she reminded me of younger me. And I wished I'd had the smarts and moves to quit my first horrible soul-sucking job the way she did (though back then we still faxed things, so it may not have been possible)."

She gets a virtual high-five from us on this one.

Image via YouTube

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