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Request for Family Flex Hours Legislation Passed in SF

Family on Christmas morning
Photograph by Getty Images/Image Source

Good news for San Francisco families: The city's Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance allowing employees to formally and legally request flexible work hours with their employers in order to spend more time with their family.

Once the paperwork is filed by the employee, the employer has 21 days to have a meeting with the employee regarding that decision, and 21 days from that point in which to either grant permission for flex hours or file its own paperwork with the city explaining why the employee's request is denied.

Interestingly, the decision stems from reactions to similar legislation in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, according to The San Francisco Appeal: In each instance, the ordinance has actually increased employee job satisfaction and loyalty to the employing company. However, small businesses with under 20 employees (like many startups) will be exempt from the ordinance, and do not need to follow its requirements.

City supervisor Eric Mar says the law will not only decrease traffic (since families on flex time will likely not be traveling during rush hours), but will also be “an exciting first step to support working families in our city.”

The ordinance will become effective the first day of the 2014 year.

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