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VIDEO: Breast Cancer Patient Documents Her 1-Year Journey

Emily Helck is a woman who just over a year ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's like most patients battling the illness, except for one difference: she's documented her journey on her blog, rtonj.blogspot.com (standing for The Real Tumors Of New Jersey). This is what you see when you visit her site:

"Kids, gather round. Here's the deal: In July of 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy, did chemo and radiation, and am currently on a drug called Herceptin. This blog is for friends who want an update on what's going on."

Although meant for friends, the site's intimate look into Helck's life has garnered has spread beyond just immediate peers and garnered attention to the point where Huffington Post and Mashable are reading her journey and sharing the story with their readers.

As an intro to the video, this is how her site explains it: "Last September, when I started chemo, I also started taking a picture of myself every week. I was originally going to do this for the 12 weeks of Taxol. My Herceptin treatment (not technically chemo, but chemo-ish) was to last one year, so when Taxol ended I decided to keep going, and chronicle the full 52 weeks—September 21, 2012 to September 21, 2013. That might actually be 53 weeks. Whatever. I went 21 to 21."

The blog is extremely insightful and honestly reflective about the experiences throughout chemo, including the feelings when undergoing the treatment (both physically and mentally) and what it's like sitting in the doctor's office receiving prognoses. See the video below (and check out her blog).

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