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Grandpa Picks up Wrong Kid at School—and Has No Idea

Grandpa picks up wrong kid at school, doesn't notice
Photograph by Getty Images/Goodshoot RF

Grandparents get a rather generous allowance when it comes to having "senior moments". (After all, they pretty much invented the things.) But the extent of run-of-the-mill senility usually involves misplaced car keys or calling one grandkid by the other one's name. It doesn't normally involve doing things like... oh, picking up the wrong kid from school, bringing her to the doctor, and then dropping her back off at school again—without ever noticing he had the wrong kid all along. (Whoopsies!)

According to The Guardian, one very confused granddad apparently did just that when he trekked all the way to his granddaughter's UK school to take her to an appointment, and wound up signing out another girl in her class with the same first name.

Now let's just pause for a second here, shall we? We've got a few things we can't quite wrap our heads around. What exactly transpired during this totally random trip to the doctor that didn't once cause anyone to question the little girl's identity? Did she really never say anything that struck the grandfather or doctor as out-of-the-ordinary? And how was she prescribed meds for something she didn't have?

The whole incident may have gone unnoticed for a while, had the little girl not returned home to show her parents the liquid paracetamol she was prescribed that day. She then proceeded to tell them a truly bizarre tale about an old man taking her out of school in the middle of the day. Their reaction? Not so great.

"I went ballistic. I was boiling inside," the little girl's father told The Guardian. "The first thing I thought was the worst. I had to ask my daughter the sort of questions no parent ever wants to ask: 'Did he do this, did he do that?'"

As innocent as the whole fiasco wound up to be, it definitely would seem pretty frightening on the outside to any parent.

"When your daughter has been walked round town and taken on a bus by a strange man, it makes you sick to the stomach. It's every parent's worst nightmare. Everyone knows to tell their children not to go with strangers, but I want to tell every parent in that school—tell them again tonight."

In the meantime, the school's investigating the mishap and looking into how to make sure the same thing won't happen again.

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