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VIDEO: 12th Grader Shockingly Set on Fire at School

High school girl catches flame
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

A science presentation at Chapel Hill High School in Atlanta, Ga., went terribly wrong last week, when one of the seniors working on the project was literally set aflame during it.

It all happened during an open house night being held for Advanced Placement students and their parents last week. Along with some of her classmates, the unidentified victim was showing onlookers how to detect certain kinds of chemicals by the color of the flame they give off. But the innocent experiment quickly went south when flames suddenly burst, and her clothes caught flame.

While a teacher rushed to the girl's aid and tried to pat out the flames, it was one of her classmates who saved the day. A fellow student was down the hall when he saw the mini-explosion. And though he says he froze at first, it was only mere seconds before he raced over and threw a fire blanket on her.

The whole thing was caught on surveillance video, and it's pretty shocking. Take a look:

Sadly, the student burned over 25 percent of her upper body in the accident. But the good news is her family says she's expected to make a full recovery.

And as for the student who saved the day?

On Friday, an officer with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Major Tommy Wheeler, proudly declared it was his son, Will, who came to the girl's aid.

“You don’t often get a chance to say, ‘Hey, look what my kid did,’ when he really did something,” Tommy Wheeler told Channel 2 Action News.

Image via AJC.com

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