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Is This School Giving People Cancer?

Cancer scare at Malibu HS

Fear and panic are sweeping through California's Malibu High School this week after countless illnesses, migraine spells and three different cancer diagnoses were reported. While some may chalk it all up to pure coincidence, others are saying the school building itself is to blame.

Parents are so concerned about the potential risks on campus that many of them banded together and wrote a letter to the school, urging that several classes be relocated while the whole matter is under investigation.

"By placing our kids and your staff in temporary buildings," the letter read, "the district can ensure safety, avoid liability and prevent children from not going to school due to health concerns."

It looks like they'll be getting their wish.

Before a packed auditorium of parents, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Superintendent Sandra Lyons announced recently that classes normally held in "Building E" would in fact be moved to nearby Juan Cabrillo Elementary School starting Wednesday. In the meantime, Los Angeles County officials will be conducting a voluntary health survey of school employees and mold tests that will be carried out by Friday.

But it may not end there. Malibu High School parents also want a community liaison to clear up some other concerns, too.

It seems the rumors have been swirling among the student body and the community about things even bigger than just the mold. Parents are worried about potential contaminants being caused by things like termite treatment in old classrooms, untended water damage and more.

While initial test results will be announced publicly this Friday, the community will still have to wait to get all their questions answered.

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