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4-Year-Old Dancer Brings the House Down on 'Belgium's Got Talent'

4-year-old dances to Psy's 'Gangham Style'

Every now and then, someone truly impressive will come out of those otherwise predictable TV talent competitions. True, sometimes it's just a guy swallowing disturbingly long swords. But other times, it's an unassuming, middle-aged woman with a pair of totally unexpected pipes—that were meant for Broadway.

Well this week, a round of applause belongs to a 4-year-old on Belgium's Got Talent, who brought a ton of swagger and a smile-inducing routine to the audition stage. Little Tristan donned dark shades, a slick tuxedo vest, and the tiniest Adidas sneakers we've ever seen when he stepped out onto the stage. And then Psy's "Gangnam Style" blared overhead and he whipped out some serious dance moves.

While we normally change the channel or cover our ears the second we hear "Heyyyy sexy ladayyyyy" (thanks to "Gangnam Style" being the most played-out song of the year), there's just something about watching this pint-size dancer break it down to the song... we just can't get enough! His fierce attitude, the spot-on choreography ... the fact that he's 4-YEARS-OLD and commanding an audience of hundreds. It's all too much.

Watch for yourself–we dare you not to LOL:

Pretty great, right? (Too bad it's all in Dutch and we have absolutely no clue what anyone's saying.)

Image via YouTube

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