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WATCH: Best Babyproofing Job Ever

Dog helps child-proof drawers

Babyproofing has become quite the business. There are toilet locks and table edge covers, baby gates and finger guards ... there are entire books devoted to the notion that your house is a blazing death trap and it must be thoroughly babyproofed before your soon-to-be kid even reaches the second trimester. And if you're feeling a tad overwhelmed once you've read through all the literature and scoured the Internet, have no fear: you can even pay people to come to your house and do it all for you.

Or you could just get the family dog to follow your tot around the house all day, and step in as soon as Junior's up to no good. (Which is pretty much always.)

At least that's the option two parents have, thanks to their dog's natural prowess for closing drawers just seconds after their son opens them.

Check out this adorable/hilarious video, which shows a toddler opening the bathroom drawer, only for the family pup to push it closed with his nose repeatedly. While the dog has a very "oh, here you go again..." look about him, the whole scene sends the kid into absolute hysterics, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

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