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It's a Boy! Ivanka Trump Kushner Shows Off New Baby

Ivanka Trump holds new baby boy, Joseph Frederick

Looks like the Donald has a new future apprentice to celebrate this week, after his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner welcomed a healthy baby boy—Joseph Frederick—on October 14.

The now mom of two (and Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisition at Trump Corporation) Ivanka tweeted the announcement the morning of October 15. And we didn't have to wait long for a look at the little guy. Ivanka also posted some personal family photos to her Tumblr page to show baby Joseph off ... and man is he a cutie.

Above, he's being held by mom, Ivanka, just one day after being born. And here he is being cradled by big sis Arabella:

Arabella Kushner holds her baby brother, Joseph
Arabella Kushner holds her baby brother, Joseph.

Ivanka first announced her pregnancy back in April, and by all accounts had a pretty blissful nine months. "I feel amazing," she told Fit Pregnancy a few months ago. "Thankfully I never experienced morning sickness but I did have a wave of fatigue that started at week 15 and went through week 17. I can't complain, because it dissipates so quickly, but waking up exhausted is not a fun feeling."

According to Ivanka's Tumblr, baby Joseph Frederick was named after her and her husband's paternal grandfathers, who Ivanka says were each "master builders of their generation and inspiring patriarchs of their families." She goes on to write that while her husband's grandpa Joseph "was a rock" with an "indominable spirit" and tremendous sense of family, her grandpa Frederick was a builder, who created thousands of homes throughout New York City, and one very tight-knit family.

Sounds like quite the legacy to uphold! But we do love the significance behind both names.

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