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Lena Dunham: 'Get Down With the Nipple,' Instagram

Lena Dunham and Instagram

Actress/writer/comedienne Lena Dunham apparently has a few things to say to Instagram ... and a few words to share about nipples.

Earlier this week, Dunham snapped a photo she wanted to share on Instagram of her good friend Sarah Sophie Flicker breast-feeding her son. But Instagram (along with other social sharing sites, it should be noted) has a no-nudity policy, which Dunham naturally assumed applied to breast-feeding photos, too.

To skirt the issue, she worked her Photoshop magic and created a daisy-shaped censor around the nipple (along with a pretty cool faux floral crown) and posted the photo, sans nipple.

But not before she captioned it with the following sentiments she wanted Instagram to hear loud and clear:

My @sarahsophief feeding the brand new Dusty. I made the flower crown and she added the flower censor. Wish she didn't have to cuz the nipple is dope. Instagram, get down with the nipple.

Soon after, Flicker shared the same photo, with her own Instagram dig:

Found the best breast feeding get up. @lindseythornburg dress. Crown & photo by the talented @lenadunham. Flower censor by me due to instagram's super lame blocking of the breast feeding ladies.

Both comments seem to have kicked up the dust a bit on the battle between breast-feeding activists and the world of social media, which haven't exactly jived when it comes to breast-feeding imagery lately. (Just ask the ladies over at the Leaky Boob, whose Facebook page was infamously taken down.)

What's curious, though, is that when the Huffington Post reached out to Instagram about the whole debacle, they claimed they have no problem with breast-feeding photos after all. Hmmm ... we're betting this is news to a lot of moms out there, considering Amy Woodruff—the "breast-feeding yoga mom"—had her Instagram account deleted for related reasons, and there are even Facebook pages out there devoted to calling out Instagram for its discrimination. So we're not really sure if this is a new tune, or what.

Either way, though, power to Dunham for calling out the fact that we should probably all be a little more cool with the nipple. Can't say we're surprised, though. After all, she is basically the biggest proponent of public nudity ever.

What do you think about breast-feeding photos being shared on social media?

Image via Instagram

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