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The 20 Sexiest U.S. Colleges

How do you define sexy? Maybe it's your husband doing the dishes or cooking a romantic dinner (yes please!).

But what about a sexy ... college? Well, The Daily Beast took it upon itself to rank U.S. colleges on their sexiness factor. As to whether or not we'd want our kids attending one of these schools, solely because they have hot guys and girls? Probably not. But, they also factored in another very important piece of info, which shouldn't be ignored.

The last piece of The Daily Beast's ranking system is how each school scored on Trojan's Sexual Health Report Card. The survey examined how schools delivered sexual health resources, education and more to their students. The higher they scored on the report (by the way, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was No. 1 ... and the U.S. Air Force Academy was in last place), the sexier the school.

So which school had the hottest co-eds combined with a healthy, and sexually aware, student body? The University of Wisconsin came in at No. 1; also on the list of sexy schools: Miami University (#2), Yale University (#7), University of Virginia (#7) and Michigan State (#20).

While a school's sexiness factor isn't something to base college applications on, if you took the Princeton alum mom who told students to focus on finding a spouse in college to heart, then these schools might be worth a second look (by the way, Princeton didn't make the list ... just saying).

Did your spouse (or you!) go to one of the sexy schools? Do you agree with The Daily Beast's sexy assessment? Tell us!

Image via Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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