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Drinking Wine Could Reduce Pregnancy Chances

Young Woman Bartender with Red Wine Glasses
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sometimes, you just need a glass of wine to calm the nerves. Plus, it's been proven time and time again that a glass of wine a day can keep the doctor away. But that may not be the case for women trying to get pregnant, a new study shows.

Doctors at a New York fertility clinic did a study on 91 women who were undergoing IVF treatments. They found that they all had a 90 percent chance of conceiving, but the women who drank wine on a regular basis, even just a few times a week, could reduce their chances of getting pregnant by 30 percent.

The researchers say that women should have no more than three glasses each week, noting that abstaining is even better. But not everyone agrees with the findings: Some doctors are even arguing that if women were to cut vino out of their lives, they could experience spikes of stress and anxiety, which could also lead to lower chances of conceiving.

What do you think? Could you (or have you) cut wine out of your routine to try and get pregnant?

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