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Baby Born in the Middle of Barnes & Noble

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX USA/Francis Dean/Rex (874728h)
Barnes and Noble booksellers book store in Columbia Center, Kennewick, Washington, America
Washington, America - Nov 2011
Photograph by REX USA/Francis Dean/Rex

This week in crazy labor-and-delivery stories ... an L.A. mom-to-be apparently left with more than just a few paperbacks on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble. According to reports, she swung into the store with her husband at around 7:30 p.m Friday night—and gave birth in the store less than 10 minutes later.

Luckily, despite that insanely quick delivery time, firefighters made it in time to deliver the baby boy safely. But as you might imagine, the whole thing caused a bit of a scene... Not only did around 20 customers gather around the mom to watch, but also store managers had to literally ask them to put away their cameras and not take any video. (So basically, this birth story is sounding a whole lot like our worst nightmare.)

"That is a really awkward event to do in public," store manager Marchelle Hughes told the Associated Press about the birth. "At the same time it's a really tender moment, and I think everybody wanted to share that."

While somebody did have the decency to eventually hang a sheet up for some privacy, we can't imagine how mortifying/scary/ridiculously weird it must have been for that mom to give birth on the floor of a bookstore, with a bunch of strangers gawking.

On the bright side, Torrance Fire Department Captain Steve Deuel reports that mom and baby (who remain unnamed) are doing just fine.

"Occasionally, nature writes the script—not us," Deuel said. "This was a good Friday night for all of us."

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