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WATCH: BatDad Returns!

BatDad returns for third Vine video installment

The Internet's favorite crime-fighting dad has returned for a third installment of one of his truly enjoyable Vine compilations. And this time, BatDad (aka SAHD Blake Wilson) is teaching his kids the importance of stuff like keeping macaroni on your plate instead of the floor, not drooling when drinking from a sippy cup, and the crucial male technique of "pointing down" when going pee-pee.

Oh, and when he's not out kicking butt and taking names, he also finds time to appreciate the women in his life ... like scoping out his wife Jen's impressive derriere (must be those squats!) and admiring his daughter's beautiful rainbow drawings. One thing he hasn't quite mastered yet, though? The art of a well-timed, this-means-business "I'm counting to three!" warning.

Oh well, there's always next week.

Want more? Here's Episode 1, Episode 2, and a behind-the-scenes clip featuring the man and comedic genius behind BatDad.

Image via YouTube

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