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WATCH: Dad Is PSYCHED Over Son's Math Grade

UK dad has best reaction to son's report card ever

Oh, report card time. It's usually filled with lots of dread and fraught nerves. (Both for you and for your kid.)

But for one U.K. dad, the latest report card his kid brought home literally sent him into a fit of glee unlike anything we've ever seen (or heard) before. And thankfully, it was all captured on camera by his son, who clearly anticipated a positive reaction. We're just not sure he foresaw just how great a reaction it would be. And how utterly PUMPED dad would get.

Have a look:

There's something truly touching about the way dad's moved to tears and shouts of happiness. ("Is that real?! IS THAT REALl?!") It's kind of how we imagine we'd react to, say, winning the lottery.

According to YouTuber Ariamark, his dad's amazing reaction to the report was actually due to the fact that he'd gotten an "F" in math the year before. Needing a "C" or higher to pass, his latest report card was really riding on a much better grade. While we're not exactly what grade was on that paper, he clearly passed with flying colors.

Image via YouTube

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