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Quick-Thinking 4-Year-Old Saves Dad

4-Year-Old Comes to Dad's Rescue

Put most 4-year-olds in a serious life-or-death kind of situation, and they would probably panic. (Who could blame them? They're 4!) But then, most 4-year-olds aren't Cadence Lucas.

On October 15, the Michigan kindergartner was standing outside with her dad, Chris, while he was unloading scrap metal from his truck. That's when Chris took an unexpected fall, hit his head on the bumper of his truck, and was knocked unconscious.

Left alone in the dark and knowing she had to act fast, little Cadence sprang into action. As she later told TV6, she ran to the nearest neighbor's house to get help. Thing is, the Lucases' nearest neighbor is a quarter of a mile away. And little Cadence had to run there in complete darkness. Talk about brave!

Once there, the neighbor called 9-1-1 and Cadence's dad was whisked off to the hospital, where he recovered and walked away with just a bump to the head.

Still, this proud papa isn't letting his daughter's quick-thinking actions go unnoticed. As he told TV6, it could have been much worse. "I think she saved my life," said Chris, who notes he was outside in frigid temperatures. "She's my hero for sure."

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