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Mom Turns Baby's Naptime into Dreamy Images

Inspired by the likes of baby photographers Anne Geddes and Adele Enersen, California mom and freelance artist Queenie Liao decided to get creative with her own son, Wengenn.

The mom of three boys used Wengenn's nap time as an opportunity to snap gorgeous pictures of what dreamland might be like for an infant. And an album, made up of more than 100 photos, according to Bored Panda, was born.

"I grew up indulging myself in fairy tales," Liao told the site. "Those fairy tales from my childhood gave me a multitude of ideas to try out."

From a circus performer to a toy soldier to a little one collecting stars, baby Wengenn has lived his own fairy tales—all while indulging in a few zzz's.

Photo credit: Queenie Liao/Bored Panda

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