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Report: UK Women and Children Get Some Bad News

Grandmother With Daughter And Granddaughter
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

In many countries, women have longer life expectancies than men. And while that's certainly the case in Britain, if you look a little deeper you'll find some disturbing facts about UK's citizens.

The World Health Organization and researchers at University College London found that while life expectancy is in the 80s for women (and high 70s for men), when compared to its European neighbors, Britain isn't so doing well.

According to the report, women in the UK ranked 21st compared to other women across Europe for life expectancy; women in Britain will only live, on average, to about 83. That's more than two years fewer than top performers like Spain, France and Italy. Women in those countries live to be around 85. Surprisingly, Cyprus, Slovenia and Greece all beat out Britain, too.

The report also found that the UK has the highest rate of obesity in all of Europe, with 23 percent of women and 21.5 percent of men considered to be fat.

But that's not all the report found. Researchers also said that the country's children aren't faring well. "The death rates in Britain for children under 5 are higher than in most neighboring countries, with even comparably poor states such as the Czech Republic and Estonia faring better," according to the Daily Mail.

Women should watch their weight, as that contributes to overall lifespan. Public health minister, Jane Ellison also noted that the report "reinforces the message that people’s health is shaped by the conditions in which they live, work and age—and that action is needed to improve them."

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