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20-Year-Old Toddler Dies

A 20-year-old child from Maryland died last week. For most of her life, she looked and acted like a toddler, never developing past an infant's stature or mental capacity. As the toddler that never aged, Brooke Greenberg stumped many doctors who tried to figure out what her clinical condition was; they eventually dubbed her rare condition as "Syndrome X."

Greenberg's condition only became apparent to her mom and dad once her sister began to surpass her in growth and development. Many doctors examined her and Greenberg's parents were told to prepare for her death multiple times. Luckily, they got to experience a long and happy life with her. And while she didn't grow, she did develop quite a personality.

According to the New York Daily News and her family, Greenberg "enjoyed hugs, and loved her parents and sisters. She also grew rebellious in her teens and liked the Baltimore Ravens."

With studies being done on the toddler's DNA, scientists are optimistic and hope to find what caused her condition. Ideally, they'll be able to diagnose it if any other cases come to light in the future.

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