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Pink Speaks Out About Her Toddler's Joyride

Parents have been known to do some crazy things with their kids on bikes. And while each parent is responsible for his or her own actions, when it gets out online, we have no problem speaking out and giving our own parenting opinions (freedom of speech!). So it shouldn't be a surprise that when singer Pink's husband took their 2-year-old daughter for a ride on his motorcycle last week, the Internet community lashed out.

Now, we should preface this with the fact that Pink's hubby, Carey Hart, is a retired motorcycle and motocross racer and has been on a bike since he was just 4.

What people were most upset about was that daughter, Willow, was not wearing a helmet (neither was Hart). And while we have to assume that they weren't motoring around at high speeds, it's still pretty reckless.

But Pink was quick to defend her husband's actions, taking to Twitter:

She left the discussion with a sarcastic tweet:

According to Hart's Instagram, Willow was happy he took her—the second photo apparently is of her giving him a hug saying, "It was fun, thank you papa."

So what do you think? Should Hart have waited at least a few more years before taking his daughter on a ride?

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