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WATCH: Tiny Ring Bearer Really Has to Go...

Ring bearer takes bathroom break during wedding

You know what they say: Kids and weddings don't exactly mix. But it's usually because getting them to stand still during photos can be a pain in the butt, or they might have a meltdown before the cocktail hour has even hit ... you know, your basic parent headaches.

Things you don't expect to encounter during a wedding with your kid? Watching on as they drop trou in front of the entire wedding party and take a leak on the church stairs. But hey, when nature calls...

Going viral this week is a video of one such incident, where a little boy (from some indistinguishable country we're guessing is in the U.K.) pulls his pants down and relieves himself—much to the amusement of the entire wedding party. Photos are snapped, kids laugh and point ... and the little guy appears to be totally unfazed. We particularly love the part where an older man (perhaps grandpa?) walks by and, without skipping a beat, turns around to take a photo and then continues on his merry way.

It's pretty great stuff; and we're sure this kid's parents will use it to embarrass him for years to come. (As they well should.)

Image via YouTube

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